Guernsey Clay Target
Shooting Club
Island Games 2021

  Natwest International Island Games XIX

The Guernsey Clay Target shooting Club will be hosting Olympic Skeet, English Skeet,  Olympic Trap and Automatic Ball Trap at our Portinfer shooting range. There will be practice days on the 1st 2nd and 3rd July 2021. The competition commences between the 4th July 2021 and 9th July 2021.

Shooting will start at 09:00 SHARP, Finishes at 16:30.

All practice cartridges will be 5.50 per box at current price list Express/Fiocchi. These will be given out for competition shooting as standard.

All clay only practice rounds will be at current club prices of 7.00 per 25 using Promatic Euro clays (Based at present 2019 costs).
A practice round of Clays and Cartridges will be 12.50

Additional cartridges will be available separate to club cartridges. These will be announced nearer to the games.

All visiting Islands are welcome to bring their own cartridges BUT must comply with all regulations to import and export ammunition and local Firearm laws.

All clay target ammunition will be 12-gauge 24g only in all clay events to comply with the shooting by-laws of Island Games shooting.

All Skeet disciplines fibre wads only.

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Range 1
Range 2
Range 3
Official Practice
Official Practice
Official Practice
Official Practice
Official Practice
Official Practice
Technical Meeting
Team Olympic Trap 100 Targets
Team Olympic Skeet 100 Targets
(If time allows practice ABT & English Skeet)
Individual Olympic Trap 75 Targets
Individual Olympic Skeet 75 Targets
(If time allows practice ABT & English Skeet)
Individual Olympic Trap 50 Targets and Final
Individual Olympic Skeet 50 Targets and Final
Team ABT 100 Targets
Team English Skeet 100 Targets
Individual ABT 75 Targets
Individual English Skeet 75 Targets
Individual ABT 50 Targets and Final
Individual English Skeet 50 Targets and Final
Technical Meeting
Proposed dates submitted to the Island Games Committee