Guernsey Clay Target
Shooting Club
Clay Pigeon shooting is an exhilarating and challenging form of entertainment for a corporate day, team building, Sports and Social, Stag, Hen or Birthday party.
A Typical morning would  take the following format :
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Under the care of our instructors we will provide a safe, fun and a competitive morning of shooting.
Corporate & Groups
Registration, a cup of tea and meet our friendly instructors
You will be provided with scorecards and asked to split yourself into teams. (4-8 shooters per team)
A short Range and Gun safety talk
Then it's out onto the Range where you are taught how to confidently handle a gun and shoot moving targets
To make the experience more fun we setup a friendly competition between the teams and encourage lots of banter.
We would usually shoot five different sporting targets, which could simulate teal, skeet, duck, pigeon and rabbits. Our normal package is 25 shots  - five per person on each stand.
After the shoot, photo's can be taken, scores are tallied, to tales of ones that got away.
Clay Pigeon Shooting can be enjoyed by everyone, regardless of age, gender or experience.
For over 50 years our club has provided a unique opportunity to motivate staff, entertain clients, or just to have fun with friends.
Corporate Shoots between March and September