Guernsey Clay Target
Shooting Club
Established in an old Granite Quarry in 1967 by a few enthusiastic shooters, the club has grown to almost 100 members. We are a not for profit club run by the members. Our membership age ranges from 13 to veterans in their 70's. We have members who attend registered shoots in the UK, Island Inter Insulars, The Island Games,  Home Internationals, and the Commonwealth Games.

Our primary range is located at Portinfer, a headland on the North West coast of Guernsey. We shoot English Skeet, ISU, Sporting, Sport trap, Universal Trap and ABT.

We have a second range on the South coast cliffs, this encompasses a valley which we leave to nature. We host challenging Sporting shoots at this range a number of times a year.

The club also organise the Channel Island Sporting club championships. This is an open Sporting shoot for Channel Island and UK shooters. We are fortunate to be able to hold this in the Talbot Valley, an area of outstanding natural beauty consisting of woodland and open countryside.
We welcome new members both young and old. A prospective member will need to attend one of  the induction courses held regularly throughout the year. This involves a safety and firearm familiarisation session and one or two sessions covering each of the disciplines we offer. Please Contact Us if you would like to attend the next induction or prior to committing to an induction course, attend a "have a go" session on a Sunday when we are not hosting a competition.

Once you have completed the induction, you will be free to attend any of the weekly Sunday morning sessions. Using one of the club guns you will be accompanied by one of our experienced members for a few weeks, who will provide further instruction and ensure safe gun handling becomes second nature.

Should you decide you would like to take up the sport, we would be happy for you to join the club. The current price list can be found here.

After 6 months or so you might wish to purchase your own gun. We have a number of authorised dealers at the club  who can help you select a suitable new or used gun. You will need to install an approved firearm safe at home and have this inspected by the police firearm officer before a dealer can sell you a gun. You will need a 2nd safe if you are considering holding ammunition at home.

As part of the club, while not shooting you will be expected to share in marking, buttoning and either arrive early at the shoot to help setup or if you are coming along later, stay until the end to help clear up. As corporate shoots are an important source of funding for the club, volunteering to help out on the occasional Saturday morning would be appreciated.


Treat all guns as though they are loaded - an accident could be fatal.

Safe and Sound

All guns must be in proof and in good order. Do not use a faulty or doubtful gun.

Open and Empty

Carry guns open and empty, semi-autos bolt back and flagged. Never rely on a safety catch.

Correct Cartridges

Only carry the correct cartridges for the gauge and chamber of the gun you are using.

Never mix gauges in your pockets or bag.

Barrels Clear

Check the barrels are free from obstructions before every loading. Check for light.

Point Down the Range

Keep barrels pointing down the range at all times when loaded. Open and empty immediately after firing.

Only Shoot Clays

Only point or shoot at whole targets thrown for you on your command - not other objects, live or inanimate.


Keep gun closed for 20 seconds, barrels pointing down the range. Check the barrels are clear after a soft or unusual discharge.

Do not Mix

Alcohol, drugs and horseplay - with guns.


When shooting, you are responsible for the safe handling of your gun(s) the safety of other members and the public.

What shooting disciplines are available

The range can be setup for any of the following shoots, English Skeet, ISU, Sporting, Sport trap, Universal trap, Olympic Trap and ABT. Please see the Fixtures page to see what we are shooting on a particular week.

I am a visitor, can I just turn up?

Provided you have experience at clay shooting you are welcome to come along on a Sunday morning. Club guns will be available but will be asked to pay non-member rates.

Where can I park?

We have parking available at the range itself and the public beach carpark behind the range is available for larger events.

I need directions

Click here for directions to the range

How do I become a member?

You will need to contact us to attend an induction course.  If you decide that this is a sport you wish to take up, we would welcome you as a member.

Is there a minimum age for membership?

We would recommend you should be over 13 and be able to mount a 20 bore shotgun without effort.

Do I need a gun licence to shoot on the range?

Provided you have not been disqualified or refused a gun licence at any time, you can use the club guns on the range under supervision without a licence.

What are your opening times?

We open on Sunday mornings at 08:00 to begin setting up for the days events. We start shooting at 09:15 and the last round goes out at 12:30.

Do you take debit/credit cards?

Yes we do take Debit and Credit cards but no longer take cheques.
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