Guernsey Clay Target
Shooting Club
From Southampton or Jersey, we recommend Blue Islands as            there are no extra charges for carrying firearms. Other UK airports Aurigny (though they will charge extra for carrying firearms)
Channel Island Sporting Championship 18th May 2019
Channel Island Sporting Championship Details
Car Rental
Poole, Portsmouth or Jersey. Condor Ferries
Avis Rent a Car (Guernsey Airport) 01481 246919
Grange Lodge Hotel
La Villette Hotel
Cobo Bay Hotel
(01481) 725161
(01481) 235292
(01481) 257102
For visitors to Guernsey you will need to complete a temporary firearm permit and have this approved by the Guernsey Police Firearm officer prior to travel. We recommend that the application form be completed as soon as possible. Please click on the link below to download the application form:
Guernsey Police Temporary Firearm Permit
Payment Details

Cheque: Please make cheques payable to GCTSC for 55.00 and send this along with your regstration form to the address below.
C.I. Sporting Club Championship,
Le Val De Becasse,
Les Aubrets,
St Martin,
2019 Registration form to download click here
Peninsula Hotel
Rocquettes Hotel
Fleur du Jardin Hotel
(01481) 248400
(01481) 722146
(01481) 257996